7 Effective Ideas to Build a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Many things have evolved and changed during the past decade when it comes to developing Internet marketing strategy. But one thing has stayed the same throughout the years, and that the power of using an effective content marketing strategy to achieve long term success for your online business.

After all, the old famous saying is still true even until today: Content is king. So here are seven powerful tips and techniques you can use to improve the impact by harnessing the power of your content on the Internet.

Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

1. Allow People to Share and Republish Your Content to Generate More Traffic and Backlinks

How would you like to develop hundreds of free backlinks from related blogs and website all over the Internet? When you give away reprint rights to your articles (with the condition of including your resource box with a link to your website at the end, of course), you open the doors to receiving plenty of free promotion using the power of this content marketing strategy.

2. Invite People to Share Your Website on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have been growing rapidly in popularity and as an important traffic generating source. So by encouraging your website visitors to share your content on their social networking profiles (in Facebook, Twitter, and more), you will gain access to thousands of other people, helping you expand your leverage and increase your traffic for free.

Online Community

3. Use Viral Marketing Strategies to Attract More Traffic

By offering easy-to-use widgets on your blog or website that allows people to easily tell their friends about your website, you can use this free and effective content marketing strategy to have people spreading the word about your great content to their networks, bringing you increased traffic and sales.

4. Provide Helpful Top-Quality Content


Now this is a classic advice, which is still one of the most important factors for an online content marketing success. Content is king. It has always been and will always remain extremely important. And this is especially true in the current times when the competition is growing more and more online every day. So unless you provide your audience with helpful valuable content, they will choose to go to your competition instead.

5. Get Free Content from Article Directories


While your time is limited when it comes to writing new articles and publishing unique content on your website, you can always benefit from tens of thousands of useful and keyword-optimized guest articles available on the major article directories. You can easily add your own unique introduction in the beginning (for unique search engine friendly content and to avoid duplicate content penalties), and you will easily have dozens of additional content pages on your website.

6. Allow Guest Articles on Your Blog or Website

If you have an authority blog, many people will be willing to write unique guest articles for you in exchange for a small link to their website. By allowing guest posts and articles, not only you can offer more free unique content to your audience, but you will also increase your traffic by targeting more keywords as a part of your content marketing strategy.

7. Hire Ghost writers to Generate Unique Search Engine Friendly Content

You can also hire professional ghost writers to write unique articles, to provide a steady flow of unique valuable content on your website. By searching for qualified freelance writers online, you can save money and find the most affordable yet high-quality writers to produce the desired content for your blog, website or newsletter.