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SEO Monthly Packages

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization


Bring you the Next Generation of SEO

Waging war against Google is a losing battle –
Give Google what it wants so you can get what you want:
A Top Ranking Website for your Desired keywords and Overwhelming Traffic


Diamond >

per month

20 – Keywords & URLs
2000 – Facebook Like | Share
Direct Video Promotion
PR & Media Distribution

Platinum >

per month

12 – Keywords & URLs
500 – Facebook Like | Share
Content Creation
Custom Backlinking

Gold >

per month

8 – Keywords & URLs
200 – Facebook Like | Share
Traffic Analysis
Local Based Optimization

VILASYS Web Technologies Distinctions

  • Review Process for each New Applicant – Consulting is available for each new client.
  • Competitive Market Analysis – We’ll find the Competition and Figure Out How to TEAR IT UP With A Strategic Approach to Link Building that is Customized On a Case By Case basis.
  • Custom Keyword Research (We Use a combination of SEM Rush, Adwords Tool, Ahrefs, and an inhouse custom built tool that was under development for 3 months that pulls data from big G.
  • Custom Link Structures and Link Velocity Management.
  • Niche Specific Do-Follow Links.
  • Varied Anchor Texts i.e: Target Keywords, Generic Keywords, and Site URL! – We take care of your link diversity as well as anchor text diversity.
  • Tier 1: Custom Hand Written Content By American College Graduates – and Manually rewritten Content Only by Humans – No Spun Crap.
  • Professional Project Management Setup through a dedicated client area.
  • Rank Reporting, Monitoring & Proactive Updates.
  • On Site Reporting + Optional On Page Optimization – Titles, Meta Description H1 | H2, Robots TXT creation/check, Sitemap check/installation. *On Page SEO for URL’s utilized for keywords.
  • Social Signals++ from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Slide Share. These are not Backlinks – SOCIAL SIGNALS ARE INCLUDED – Keep Reading.
  • High End Packages include a very high quality mobile site (when have you ever seen this included in an SEO offering?!)
  • Premium Package inlcudes a free custom facebook app (we normally charge $1000 – $3000 for a standalone app)!
  • Analytics (Optional) Piwik or Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools installation
  • We do not use Spam Links. Ever.
  • Most of the process is manual
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee! No Results – We’ll give you your Money Back

Free Custom Facebook Standalone App comes with every Diamond Package


We use in house staff and evolved training methods our solutions are priced to push the competition out of the market- and
we are not afraid to admit it.

Improve your Rankings Now

Vilasys Premium Marketing Packages

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time.

The VILASYS Program

We will not leave a footprint. We don’t show you a link structure because each link structure differs based on previous optimization factors we will take into consideration.

Here is what we can share:

We use over 50 + link types with new ones added on a regular basis. Tier 1 link types will utilize 100% natural and unique hand written content.

We wouldn’t settle for spun crap and have full time writers on staff to rewrite content for all tier 1 backlinking – no gibberish or spun sentences as part of your marketing!

We do not use a specific number of links. – Why? Because we know that what you need to succeed isn’t X number of Y type of links, but a customized solution for your website based on several factors such as the niche you’re in, your competition’s backlink profile, your existing backlink profile, and the authoriy of your current site.

Some Things We Consider Before Taking on a New Client:

What is your niche? Who is your audience? What type of website do you have? How is your on-page optimization? Are the keywords you selected the best ones you could use? What is your existing backlink profile like? What are your page 1 competitiors backlink profiles like?

Whether you have asked yourself these questions or not they are important if you want to do this right – and we want to do it right.

The Most Authoritative Network of Social Signals Available anywhere in the World.

Social is not about likes or views – it’s not about retweets – it is about synthesizing a genuine flow of interest by using the social media highway to get yourself known.

Social signals are going to affect the knowledge Graph and the next generation of SEO – where a query not only returns search results but connects those search results with popular conversations around the web as well as personal search history to deliver the most targeted search results.

Additionally – Zuckerberg recently talked about Facebook search that utilizes personal data only FB has. Of and when FB goes in this direction VILASYS is positioned to bring our customers to the next generation of search — FAST.

Future Proofing Digital Marketing

Here is what we mean by a geniune flow of interest:

We are tweeting, sharing, liking, stumbling, creating groups, joining groups, following, +1-ing, sharing from out network of authority groups, pinning, digging and beyond…

Let’s Talk Results…

We’re putting our money where our months are:

moneyIf 6 months of our work brings NO SERP movements, then we refund 100% of your payments. NO Elance service provider dares to match our guarantee! This is not a *warranty* – we don’t give you “free service” for x months – We Refund your Money in Full!

supportThe not so small print: A 6 month commitment is required to qualify you for the guarantee, please consult with us before using other seo services as this may void the guarantee. Other backlinks services are encouraged and allowed – but please check with us first to ensure it will propel you forward rather than backward. For sites hit by panda and penguin our guarantee will be applied on a case by case basis after manual review.

search-engineThis is a serious business with a dedicated in house staff focusing full time on SEO and growing each day.

VILASYS in not just SEO – we are bringing you a forward thinking solution that is preparing for the day that google releases the next caged beast from their Search Engine Zoo.

Our Processes are built to Scale but we are closing up shop for 60-90 Days after the first 100 come on board to make sure we have a 100% Satisfaction Rate !!! Grand opening up to 60% off ALL Packages to Online Audience Only!

Why Is VILASYS the Ultimate Choice for Serious SEO Companies and Individual Businesses alike?

  • On page analysis and reporting
  • Proactive Ongoing Niche Link Research for Complete customization
  • Diverse Link Building Structures Build to suit your needs
  • Unique Hand Written and Manually Rewritten content creation for all Tier 1 Backlinks
  • Over 50 Different Link Profiles across thousands of Networks and Growing
  • Anchor Text diversity – your initial keyword list will be expanded exponentially

Content Creation

content-creationFirst tier content is written by our own super talents — Brainstrom1. Brainstrom1 is a professional writer and American college graduate. This is 100% premium and unique LSI content.

That’s right – on top of all the optimization we are playing for your unique content – our customers will only receive the best!

These articles will be Manually re-written and content converted and re-purposed for PDF’s, Videos, Slideshares, Software, even Podcasts (and this just starts the lists). Our distribution networks are vast and will grow with each new customer based on your niche. The very large networks we work within we will utilize niche specific properties to further contribute to your authority within your niche.

We are going to cover every base here! anything rewritten to transformed to a new medium will be done by our in-house content writing team.

International Clients – articles written on a case by case basis with a native speaker from your country!

Improve your Rankings Now

Vilasys Premium Marketing Packages

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time.

100% Money Back Ranking Improvement Guarantee Policies

Don’t Settle for anything less
Dominate your Market with VILASYS

Have more quetions? Ask our staff we’ll get back to you within 24hours
(typically you can expect a reply with minutes – please be patient – we would rather under promise and over deliver than the reverse)

We will only work with serious marketers and business people!
Every application will be reviewed – if we cannot help you we will say so.
We are only accepting 100 new customers in order to allow us to scale up the process and
produce a slew of positive testimonials!

Our Monthly Pricing


    • Keyword
    • URLs
    • Basic Keyword Research [Adwords Tool Only – Keyword Ideas From Client Required]
    • Advanced Keyword Research [Adwords Tool, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs – Only Keyword Ideas Required]
    • On-Page Analysis and Recommendation (SEOMOZ On Page Reports)
    • On-Page Optimization ($3000 value) [FTP Access Required]
    • Mobile Site ($397 Value) [FTP Access Required]
    • Mobile SEO
    • Native Mobile Apps! [Niches That Comply with Google and Apple App Market TOS Only]
    • Unique Handwritten Content


    • 20
    • 20
    • Included

    • Included

    • $10/Page
    • 600


    • 12
    • 12
    • $120

    • $10/Page

    • $10/Page
    • 600


    • 8
    • 8
    • $80

    • $10/Page

    • $10/Page
    • 600


    • Facebook Like | Share
    • Facebook Group
    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Page
    • Twitter Tweets | #Tag Tweets |
    • Pinterest Pins | Repins
    • Google +1s (Spread to your website & Properties directly related to your website)
    • Google Add to Circles |
      Add to hangouts
    • Digg Submission | Votes
    • Stumbleupon Submission |
    • Reddit Submission | votes
    • Slideshare Submission | Votes
    • Linkedin Share Promotions Post | Discussion
    • Instagram Likes | Votes


    • 2000 | 2000
    • 4 Group Post: Audience Reach greater than 5.000.000
    • Niche Related:Audience Reach > 10,000,000
    • $20 worth of FB ads promotion to the fan page post with your link
    • 1500 | 250 | 250

    • 250 | 250
    • 1500

    • Yes | 250

    • Yes | 700
    • Yes | 250

    • Yes | 250
    • Yes | 250
    • 250 | 4 | 4

    • 1000 | 2000


    • 500 | 500
    • 4 Group Post: Audience Reach greater than 500k
    • Nice related which a rich of over 1.000.000
    • $10 worth of FB ads promotion to the fan page post with your link
    • 500 | 100 | 100

    • 100 | 100
    • 500

    • Yes | 100

    • Yes | 250
    • Yes | 100

    • Yes | 100
    • Yes | 100
    • 100 | 1 | 1

    • 1000 | 2000


    • 200 | 200
    • 4 Group Post: Audience Reach greater than 500k
    • 0

    • 0

    • 200 | 50 | 50

    • 50 | 0
    • 200

    • No | 0

    • Yes | 100
    • Yes | 50

    • No | 0
    • No | 0
    • 0 | 0 | 0

    • 0 | 0


    • 1 High Quality HD Video Creation – Keyword Promotion
    • Real Time Views (These are not fake views – actual Users – Views will stick)
    • Real User Comments
    • Real User Likes
    • Real User Channel Subscribes


    • Diamond Only

    • Diamond Only
    • Diamond Only
    • Diamond Only






    • Syndicated High Quality Press Release: Get your site to Yahoo News, Google News, and Other High PR News Sites
    • SB Wire Monthly Release Written and Distributed (US Newsletter)
    • EmailWire Monthly Release Written and Distributed (US Newswires)
    • MarketWire 1 Release @
      Month 7  (must be newsworthy) (Country Specific Newswire)
    • PRnewswire (6 month contract paid in advance) (country
      specific newswire)



    • [with Press Clippings]

    • [with Press Clippings]



    • [with Press Clippings]




    • Social Bookmarking
      (Digg, Stumbleupon and 50+
      Other Sites )
    • Unique Posts on High Authority Popular Sites ( Blog like Techcrunch,
    • High PR Wikies ( PR 3 – PR 8 )
    • Manual High PR Contextual Backlinks from engaging in positive conversion on niche related website ( Forum, Blogs, Social media )
    • Manual High PR Niche Specific Article Submission
    • High Quality Contextual High PR .edu
      and .gov backlinks
    • Document Sharing Site
    • Unique Video Creation
      and Distribution
    • Unique Podcast Creation
      and Distribution
    • Manual Q&A websites marketing
      ( Yahoo answers, )
    • Syndicated High Quality
      Press Releases
    • Creation & Distribution of images to image sharing site
    • Classified Sites – Posting and
      Distribution ( 50+ Classified
      Sites )
    • High Quality Manual Posting to Web 2.0’s ( 200 + Web 2.0
      Sites )
    • PAD Submission
      ( Simple Software Build )
    • Manual High PR High Quality Directory Submission
    • Secret Blend of Market VILASYS Backlinks
    • Guest Posts ( $185 value)
    • Basic Authorship
      rel = author tagging


    • 1+ Per Month






    • On Page Listing Services – Integration of Maps & Name, address, Phone number and proper tagging
      (FTP Access Required)
    • Local Citation Listing
      ( Hand Submitted )
    • Local Listing Setup


    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only

    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only


    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only

    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only


    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only

    • Local Business With a Physical Location Only

Traffic Analysis

    • Webmaster Tools
    • Piwik/Getclicky/Google Analytic Integration


    • Optional
    • Optional


    • Optional
    • Optional


    • Optional
    • Optional

Improve your Rankings Now

Vilasys Premium Marketing Packages

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time.

10 Diamond Plan Customers

Who commit to 6 months contract will get

This bonus doesn’t stop there


Your app will be meant to impress on mobile and take advantage of smartphone native functionality!
“But we won’t forget about out buddy Google – Your app will get a link from the app stores”
Would You care For Some High Authority Link Juice?
We will syndicate your app to 1100 App directories and App Statistic Websites!!!

We’ll give you one more special treat for investing your hard earned dollars

These 10 Customers will also get a

and will be featured on Windows 8 App Store

Our Partner company is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and all these apps will be Windows 8 App Store ready.

MS is spending a lot of advertisement dollars on Windows 8 Apps marketing, so if your Site’s content is really appealing, you might get placed in one of their promotions. That means coverage by Microsoft and Intel in National and International Publicaions – that would equate to tens of millions of views of your app and hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors to your website

Sign-up before the offer expires!!!
Offer Value Exceeds $12,500 if your were to go and
build each of these apps with a development firm

Terms & conditions: To Qualify your website needs to use a known CMS like WP, Joomla, Drupal or any closed source or open source CMS which had a development community around it. And your site should have minimum 50 pages of High Quality content to Qualify.

Platinum & Diamond Customers Only

Super Addition!

Boost Your Real Views (Timed Views)
Boost Real Comments
Boost Real Likes

With 72 hours of video uploaded Every MINUTE to youtube – you better do something to stand out!

Improve your Rankings Now

Vilasys Premium Marketing Packages

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Minimum term – cancel any time.

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