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VILASYS Custom Bespoke

Promote your Business Online

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We have everything you require to successfully promote your business online. Search engine optimization with expert written content, full website bespoke.

Took the service of VILASYS on my friends referral with bit hesitant. But, was fully satisfied by their output and follow-up service. Highly recommend them for their product knowledge and customer relation.
James Prakash, Training Tiger

Key benefits



QuoteVery competent, knowledgeable and easy to work with web developers. Communication was excellent. I look forward to working with Anusiya on our next project.Quote


A bespoke site for your business

VILASYS Custom Bespoke comes with complete bespoke design professional package; inclusive of website copy and ready designed search engine; because you are unique thus we do all these for you.

With our easy to use content management system you will be firmly engaged at the driving seat thus have the ability to edit web pages at any time of the day.

With this you can predict the expertise and get adaptable online images your business requires.

Find out what’s in the package?

  • A website that is eye catching

    Thanks to our tailor made design your website will have a “wow” element. Our services give you an opportunity to review and alter page content to make sure you get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Content management system

    VILASYS uses the ‘Wordpress!’ content management system which is one of the most realistic CMS products currently on the market that allows users to manage various aspects of the site (inclusive of text images and edits) – it is simple to use, and it comes with a manual which contains all the instructions.

  • Maximum content 10 pages

    To make sure your message is delivered while you are stuck for words our expert copywriters will create up to 250 worded documents. (10 total pages) this will assure you that your message is delivered in the most favorable and SEO friendly manner.

  • Logo design that is exclusive

    Our designers can make you a new logo even if you have an old one! This is the time to revamp and get your company a new look thus have a logo alongside your website and that is just what your business needs.

  • Visitor information on the website

    With Google analytics you have the chance to monitor your traffic to your site. This also aids you to weigh conversions and sales thus giving you an insight into how your visitors will use your site – very significant as it keeps customers coming for more and more!!

  • Images made professionally

    First impressions is key to how visitors view your website, therefore, you have to ensure that your website images are of quality. We will help upload up to 20 images that you currently have and we have the capability of making your site stand out by using up to 2 images from our library that are professionally captured.

  • Training

    You will receive your first invitation to become a member of online training group once your site goes live. We will provide you with training materials and video tutorials as an aid to manage your site.

Search ready

Search ready

VILASYS Custom Bespoke package is complete for your business as it also provides a ready search engine and web presence.

Find out why it is search ready?

Your customers will easily find you since our guys have the technical knowhow to assemble websites and web pages which Google loves. Your navigation and site structure will be designed to boost on visibility on every page.

How will my website look?

Eventually that is up to you because your maximum 12 paged website is designed professionally and fully tailor made for your business.

You will get your messages to reach your visitors clearly with inclusion of 2 stock images and professionally written 10 paged copies. (250 worded) thus this is unique.

You are at the driving seat when it comes to editing and adding pages using our easy content management system. So do not worry, we realize you are deep in thoughts and the answer is definitely, NO. You cannot break the CMS it’s really simple to use.

How will my website look?

We’re not yet done

We’re not yet done

We do offer you an option for hosting since you may require someone to look after your site to ensure it is available 24/7.

We are a complete professional online package. VILASYS Custom Bespoke offers you what actually its name suggests.

VILASYS Weblive Complete

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