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eShop websites

Can you afford to lose online business?


Let our eShop benefit your business!

A VILASYS eCommerce website is simple to use and is availed to you with top notch support and packages for training.

QuoteYour service is just perfect and exactly what I need to take my web shop to the next levelQuote

– Arthur W.

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per month
+ $599 setup


    • Maximum of 100 plus products on display
    • Package with support & training


  • Bespoke designing
  • Facebook like buttons with social sharing
  • Site secured by SSL encryption

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per month
+ $1299 setup

All the VILASYS eShop features, PLUS:
  • Maximum 2000 products plus on display
  • Payment set-up online
  • User friendly Mobile version of your site
  • Market place found online eg:Amazon and eBay
  • Exclusive offers for customer groupings
  • Compatible with Facebook
  • Physical and digital goods for sale
  • Increased online visibility via SEO tools

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per month
+ $1900 setup

All the VILASYS eShop features, PLUS:
  • Maximum of 10000 plus products on display
  • Various language versions (French, Spanish and Italian)
  • Product comparison using shopping baskets or lists
  • RSS subscription or guestbook for comments
  • Banner that is animated
  • Adding and amending pages using CMS

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Web Design for eCommerce

You get an e-Commerce bespoke site from VILASYS that contains in-built specifications. It contains payment option that is fully secured, integration with social media and support for maximum of 10,000 products. eCommerce should be exactly like this!

We have custom made eCommerce solutions for personal businesses at VILASYS. You can get a small boutique style store type of a site or a retailer site with thousands of products to sell through our eCommerce design team.

As you target special customers with offers and promotions – we have a system for content management that runs your site thus making it easier to upload products that are new, and also comes with built in features for example customer groupings.

Simple! Powerful! Affordable!!

VILASYS eShop website offers seamless integration with online third party marketplaces for example eBay and Amazon for businesses who want to branch out, thereby adding visibility for success.

Your knowledge on online business grows as you grow too because VILASYS is simple to use and is availed to you with top notch support and packages for training. It also has multi-language support, online guestbook functionality and product comparison.

Comparison of Packages


Compare all features, prices and offers so that you are able to choose the best package for your business.

Comparison of Packages

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