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Perfect Platform for your Business using eShop

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Start taking advantage of the online market place by creating an ideal platform for your business using VILASYS eShop PLUS today.

Very competent, knowledgeable and easy to work with web developers. Communication was excellent. I look forward to working with VILASYS on our next project.
George –

This is all you get…

Your business giant leap

If you are ready to get your website or take a step to be a bona fide online retailer, thus let VILASYS eShop PLUS help you commence your business on the internet. Online businesses will double to more than 31% and $80 billion of small and medium businesses are now trading online. This makes sense!


Find out what your eShop can do?

  • Maximum of 2,000 products displayed

    Your goods will come in all sizes and shapes since each and every product has as many as 200 categories!

  • Payments set-up online

    We make the payment solution for your choice since there are many different payments online. So we will need you while we are integrating the payment mode for your site.

  • Compatible with Facebook

    Take advantage of social media now; use the Facebook “like” button while displaying your products on Facebook business page. We will make an eShop that is compatible with Facebook.

  • Six hours custom design, amending time & Consultation

    You have the time to tweak your eShop, so work with our design team to get you the feel and look just right for your site.

  • Version for your site that is mobile-friendly

    We automatically configure your eShop to be mobile friendly to enable your customers’ access your site at ease from any mobile device, smart phone or tablet. So do not miss out for a chance to get your customers on the move.

  • Integrating Online marketplace

    We get your eShop configured and be compatible with Amazon, eBay, Ciao and Twenga. This is to enable digital marketplace users’ access your site as well as direct customers.

  • Exclusive offers for customer groupings

    Assign special price for specific groups thus making your customers feel special. This is perfect while offering discounts and exclusive pricing plans.

  • Product ratings found online

    Get your customers feedback. This is so far the most effective tool for managing your customers service and business efficiency.

  • Physical and Digital goods on sale

    Get the perfect product for digital and non digital businesses. We provide with an eShop that supports both physical and digital download thus your customers can download your product directly from your website.

  • Increased online visibility using SEO tools

    We set up your eShop using specialized search engine techniques so that your site can easily be found. All search engines do “crawl” around your site to find the keyword that people do search for.

  • The various examples of domain names on VILASYS eShop PLUS (.com and, as well as SSL security encryption


Training and Support

You are on the right place to make most of the online opportunities since you get designing, set-up for payment and training, hosting, maintenance and platform updates. VILASYS has aided in launching number of eShops.

Social media

Why don’t you join everyone? Like add, share, like and tweet buttons which is simple and connects your eShop to all social media. Examples Facebook, Twitter which are so easy. Some people might not know about your business thus social media enables them to know about your site.



Search engine optimization

Be assured that people who search for you can locate you!! Search engine optimization is the modes that yahoo and Google use to locate your site. We have SEO friendly designed software, thus, you have possibilities to add analytics and other web tools so that you may track your visitors.

The Ideal e-Commerce platform

Find out what social media is and how it matters?

We assist you while choosing a payment provider which will work for your business and your customers too- with the leaders PayPal, PayPoint, SagePoint and many more supported on your eShop. Let us organize your products with simple navigation categories, promote and make the group for special offer products thus show your products with multiple imaging.

You administer eShop using a web browser thus you do not need to be a technical expert while maintaining your site. At any time and any place your site can be accessed via the web browser. You will be at home using VILASYS eShop PLUS if you are comfortable using MS-Word.



The features don’t end there, find out more…

When you have just taken your business into the world of online shopping, you must be ready to update your own skills or make improvements to modules that you offer your customers.*

  • Redesign service
  • Coupons and eNewsleter
  • Banner that is animated
  • Bulk product upload with CSV
  • Imaging gallery


Since you are serious when it comes to fully driving your business online, our website monthly consultation manager gives you online marketing and SEO services that generates traffic back to your site.

Or you may choose VILASYS eShop PRO so that your business moves to the next level while on online retailing. Want more? Visit our VILASYS eShop PRO page.


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