Why Does SEO Take So Long?

A lot of web owners have realized that it is not enough to just put a website online. Long are gone the days when all a business had to do was to create a simple static webpage and put it up for hosting. With the millions and millions of websites that are currently in the World Wide Web, you are lucky if your website get noticed.

SEO has hence become a very important part of webhosting with more and more people seeking SEO services to change the situation. However, majority of people do not understand the concept of search engine ranking and they end up expecting instant results. This has led to a lot of unethical SEO practices by phony companies who promise overnight results. Unfortunately, the search engine companies have mechanism for detecting artificial rankings and you may end up getting the exact opposite result of what you intended to achieve.

The fact of the matter is, SEO takes a lot of time to yield results sometime up to months-to get a number one ranking for example in Google can take years. Though it used to take less time in the past than it is today mainly because of various reasons: One there was less competition and two, ranking rules have changed a lot over the years.

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

There are a number of reasons why it takes time for SEO to yield results.

The first and the main reason is, the concept of `ranking’ implies that there are several elements which need to be arranged using a set of rules. Because there are millions and millions of websites and all of them are competing for better ranking, the competition is very high. Remember that it will take time for your new website to catch up with the already exist ones and even more time to overtake them.

The second reason is, unlike in the past where search engines used simple algorithms to determine where, how a certain keyword is used in your web content, today search engine are becoming more and more `smart’. Ranking factors have increased so much that search engines can judge website `authoritativeness’. It is no longer about the keyword in the Meta tag or in the domain name it as all about the user behaviour.

One way in which search engines determine authoritativeness is by detecting how many times your web content is shared in other websites. This means that even before the search engine can rank your site, you need to have done a lot of marketing especially in the social media in addition to having interesting content.

Another reason why better ranking may take some time is the fact that search engine companies are changing their ranking algorithm so often that it becomes difficult to keep up with the ranking rules. For example, you may implement a new rule today and just when the rule has started yielding result the algorithm changes and you have to do it all over again.

Do not be deceived by anybody or any company that they can deliver instant SEO results. Anybody who is promising instant result is probably using unethical methods to improve your rankings. Yes you may get what you want but it will not last because the search engines will eventually catch up with you and the resultant effect may be detrimental to your website.